On Monday, November 26th over 120 people from Drayton Valley came together in support of the Energy Industry. To have this many people come out for such a short notice shows how important and how serious the destruction of the industry is.

We will publish more information about this event, but in the short term, we would like to thank CEG – Cream Energy Group for allowing us to use their facilities for this event, as well as a space to meet to gather information and enhance this group and this movement.


  • Here are the ideas that were brought forward on Monday. Please put a number beside the ideas for priority(1-4) or type "Not an Option" :
  • Idea 1: Sign a letter of intent stating that as of a date (Jan 15?) we’re not paying taxes
  • Idea 2: Fund and launch a legal challenge
  • Idea 3: Have a 10,000 letter campaign where everyone would mail on the same date on the run up to Christmas (Dec 15)
  • Idea 4: Have companies pull all registration on unused commercial vehicles on one specified date (Dec 17th?)